Friday, October 24, 2008

Meet the Family - Grandson, "Buddy"

"I'm now almost 4-1/2 mths. old and just getting more handsome every day. At least that's what grandma & grandpa say!"

"I'm 4 mnths old and still a happy boy. Especially when I'm at Grandma and Grandpa's house!!"

"Spending some time with my mommy on
her lunch hour. Since I was only 3 mths. old,
grandma had to drive me there."

"We are just two tired,
but handsome dudes!"

"Grandpa took me to my
first Tigers' game. I was 2 mths. old."

"My first trip to King's Island
@ 5 wks. old. Can't you tell that
I really had a good time?"

"Grandma thinks I'm pretty special."

"You people make me tired."
(Grandpa & "Buddy")

"Who are all these people looking at me?"

Day 1 - Just chillin' after all that hard work!


urhis said...

WOW Buddy is sure getting big. Is Mommy feeding him "Miracle Grow?" Isn't it wonderful how little grandchildren just wrap us around their little fingers? We should have had grandchildren first! J/K

Life with the Crowls said...

He is so cute and is getting so big.