Friday, October 3, 2008

Meet the Family - Son, Austin

I just had to throw this one in.
Can you find Austin??
This was the 1st year of his
career as a baseball player.
(He's the cute one in the
2nd row... 2nd from left.)

Austin, with his sister
Joylene, on her wedding day.

Austin, with his girlfriend,

Kristen Fox.

This is just one of many great pics that Ryan Watters
(cousin) shot for Austin's senior poses.

Austin, with two of his buddies,
Michael Miller and Michael Maloyed.
(They call themselves "The Triple Threat",
when it comes to playing basketball together.)
They were enjoying their trip to the ACE
International Student Convention, held in
Flagstaff, AZ. May 2007


Sarah said...

Hey you are doing great with your blog! Welcome to blogland. Be looking forward to them pictures! Love ya's!

Marcia Coss said...

You are doing great. I really enjoy the pictures. Will be looking forward to more.
See you at Octoberfest.

Life with the Crowls said...

welcome to blog land.

Becky Arnold said...

I didn't even know you had a blog! It's good. Have fun wednesday seeing Sarah Palin, wish I could go but I have to work. Well, talk to you later, tell everyone I said "hi".

Phil & Sue Arnold said...

Hello friend!! I love the pictures!! What a cute family. That grandson of your's is absolutely adorable!!!! Love ya! Sue